Rare Long Haired French Bulldog: Everything In Detail
Long Haired French Bulldog

Rare Long Haired French Bulldog: Everything In Detail

We all love french bulldogs, but do you know long haired french bulldogs? They indeed exist, they are similar to other French bulldogs, but they have long, amazing hair that catches the attention of everyone. This breed has medium-length hair that’s furry around the face and is rare since it’s hard to produce.

This article will cover everything you need to know about these rare frenchies, so keep reading.

Who Are Long Haired French bulldogs?

Long haired French bulldogs are a rare breed you might not have seen, but they exist with their loving appearance and long bat ears. Their longer hair looks adorable; it occurs mainly on their heads and goes shorter in the back.

Producing longer haired French bulldogs can be difficult for breeders, but reputable breeders have the experience they choose either from L1 or L4 genes that must be carried by both parents; even if they do not have long hair, they can produce your gorgeous long-haired French bulldog.

Who Is The Ideal Owner Of A Long-Haired French Bulldog?

Who is the ideal owner of a Long-haired French Bulldog? Maybe you can be the next; treat your dog as your family member spend some quality time with them, providing love and taking care of their health and essential needs like grooming, exercise and taking them out for a daily walk.

How Can I Have A Better Life?

Even if you are not a dog person yet but planning to get one, it can change your entire life for the better.

Having a dog in your life is like having someone by your side, and you will never be lonely again; they become your best friend, love you unconditionally, and always be in the mood to do something fun. It can change your mood in a positive direction.

You will meet new people and can do exercise with your pup, which can change your negative thinking and turn it into positive. This doesn’t mean your dog is a good way to exercise; owning a dog, especially a long-haired French bulldog, comes with lots of responsibility.

You will be emotionally attached to your pup and will have a greater sense of responsibility in taking care of their health. You will automatically love doing everything for your dog and building good habits in them.

Turns out that dog kisses can improve our immune system scientist says having a dog is like eating a probiotic yogurt every day; it increases good bacteria in your body. Dogs can be great for your kids; they reduce allergies in your child when they get older.

Daily stress can make you upset, but having a dog can relieve the stress; they do fun things most of the time that can make you laugh and make your mood good. Having a dog can reduce cortisol and increase oxytocin, making you stress-free. Dogs can be your therapy and emotional support too.

People with dogs have a higher level of cuddle hormones in their bodies, making them happy and increasing oxytocin.

Characteristics Of Long Haired French Bulldogs

Long haired french bulldogs are in high demand because of their gorgeous looks and loving nature; they are similar. As short-haired bulldogs, here are some main characteristics of long haired frenchies that you should know.


Long haired french bulldogs are lovely and have a playful nature, love socializing, and are less aggressive; they don’t like to spend time alone; they can be stubborn sometimes, but it’s all good with proper training. Make sure to brush their long hair coat daily because it can cause irritation and you might feel behavioral changes. Overall your pup will be your great companion.


Long haired french bulldogs are generally healthy, but like other dogs, they can be prone to several health issues below some common health problems they might face.

Skin Allergies And Irritations

French Bulldogs Are Hypoallergeic if their longer coat not being taken care of properly can cause irritation, itching, and redness.

Breathing Problem

The brachycephalic syndrome can be because of their short nose and flat face and can lead to difficulty in breathing, especially in hot weather.

Swelling Eye

When your Frenchie has an eye problem, they have symptoms like discharge and watery eyes caused by the prolapsed eyelid gland. Cherry eyes may not be painful for your dog, but if not treated properly can cause significant eye problems.

Heat Stroke

 Long haired frenchie can be more prone to heatstroke because of their long coat, so it’s better to keep them cool, especially in hot weather.

 Joint Issue

Hip Dysplasia is a genetic condition in which the Frenchie hip joint is not developing properly and can lead to pain in the future to avoid it, have a proper diet and maintain weight to prevent Hip Dysplasia.

Ear Infection

Cleaning your puppy’s ears regularly can prevent ear infections if you see your dog scratching

their ears and shaking its head, you should check for symptoms like redness, swelling, and discharge, and then you must go to veterinary care right away.


This breed can weigh up to 20-25 lbs and can grow up to 10-12 inches in height with a life expectancy of 10 years.


An adorable dog breed that can make you fall for them, they are mostly calm and relaxed and can be trained easily with low maintenance that doest require much exercise because they are small and run around in the house if you are planning to bring this breed to your family, you should go for this; they will be your best partner.


Long haired french bulldogs are familiar like other frenchies; what makes them unique is their long haired coat which covers their head and gets shorter from the back side, which makes them look adorable.

Long Haired French Bulldog

Caring For A Long Haired French Bulldog

Taking care of your long haired frenchie is vital to keep them healthy and happy here is what you need to take care of your pup.

Keep Them Cool

They overheat faster, so even if you take them out for a walk after getting home, give them plenty of water with ice cubes if it’s hot weather outside, do not prefer taking them out.

Keep Them Clean

 Keeping your fluffy bulldog clean can prevent health and skin problems.

Clean, especially their ears because they are big and wide open and dust usually gets inside.

Frenchies are also born with a small tail and some tails go in there; it’s strange you probably

didn’t hear these things, but you must clean it. Moreover, give them eye drops every morning and night to keep their eyes healthy.

As they have long hair, french bulldogs need regular brushing also to prevent tangles and matting.


 A proper diet with good nutrients will keep your dog healthy and fit, like dog treats and snacks; follow a good nutrition diet plan for your long haired french bulldog.

Love Them And Get Loved

 These little fluffy friends love being around their owner; wherever you go, they follow you, so give them attention and take them with you wherever you go as possible. Moreover, they are the best cuddle partners.


It’s essential for your overall dog’s health and mindset and it’s easy to train them with new tricks and commands by feeding them treats.

Long haired French Bulldog Colors

French bulldogs come in various colors; some are rare and some are common; here is a list.

Common Colors French Bulldogs




White & fawn


Brindle & white

Fawn & white

Fawn brindle

Fawn brindle & white

White & Brindle

Rare Colors French Bulldogs




Blue and Tan

Black and tan

Chocolate and Tan

Blue Merle




When it’s about marking, it includes white marking, black and brindle masks, ticked, piebald, and sable. These dogs are adorable and have many colors, which people love to bring to their houses.

Where Can You Get A Long Haired French Bulldog?

You are undoubtedly in love with these adorable cute puppies but don’t know where to find them. Here are a few tips.

Research For A Reputed Breeder

Make sure the breeder you choose specializes in Long Haired French bulldogs. In addition, they answer all major questions about their breeding practices. A quick search on the Internet or asking people already owning French bulldogs can lead you to breeders.

 Visiting The Breeder

After researching, you will find some breeders and ask them for references. If they can provide the previous buyer’s experience and you find it is genuinely good, you can go for it.


You can also check out French bulldog rescue organizations. Your dog can be there. It’s possible but less. So many people are able to find them in rescues and bring them home.

Is A Long Haired French Bulldog The Right Pet For Me?

Well, if you’re considering bringing the long haired french bulldog home or any dog, there are a few factors to consider before buying them.

Here are a few tips on long haired french bulldogs are right for you or not.

  They are prone to several health issues.

  They can be quite stubborn at times, but you need to train them.

  They don’t require a lot of exercise because of their breathing issue.

  They are small but active enough and great with kids.

  It can be hard to find these puppies, and they are expensive too.

  They are friendly and have a playful nature.

  They are small, so they fit anywhere in a small house, even in apartments.

  They can be high maintenance in some areas.

  Wiping their butts every time they poop is not for everyone, but you have to if you are considering buying them.

  They can be super prone to allergies.

  They snore sometimes while sleeping.


 This adorable breed can be your best companion. Several colors are available from which you can pick yours, but they are expensive and difficult to find.

The health of these cute little frenchies is very important; a healthy life is a happy life for you and your dog. Moreover, these dogs enjoy spending time with their owners and the people around them; having them in your life can dramatically impact your happiness.


What Makes Long Hair Frenchies So Rare?

What makes them rare is their long coat hair which is not found in other french bulldogs and it can take several generations for breeders to produce healthy long hair frenchies that can be rare to find.

How Much Does A Long-Haired French Bulldog Cost?

It is quite expensive and can cost anywhere between $4,500 and $16,000 due to the unique appearance of this breed; you should look for this breed from a reputable breeder and if it is not available, look elsewhere. However, the first thing to remember is how well they are doing. If you get a long haired frenchie, but it has health problems, make sure you take good care of it.

Does The AKC Recognize Long-Haired French Bulldogs?

No American Kennel Club (AKC) does not recognize Long-Haired French Bulldogs as a breed and they can’t enter the AKC dog shows. According to the AKC breed standard for French Bulldogs, their coat should be smooth and short; another coat texture is considered disqualified.

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