Are French Bulldogs Hypoallergenic? Amazing Ways To Minimize

Are French Bulldogs Hypoallergenic? Amazing Ways To Minimize

We all love dogs, but unless you sneeze and have watery eyes from being around them, you are more likely to have allergies to pet dander.

According to the American College of Allergy, up to 10% of the population in the United States suffers from allergies related to dogs.

Around 31 million people are likely to have allergic reactions to dogs in the U.S.

Allergic dog lovers began to search for 100% hypoallergenic dogs everywhere, and people who love French bulldogs asked, Are French Bulldogs Hypoallergenic? My friend, let me tell you one thing: no dog is 100% hypoallergenic, even a French bulldog, but there are some ways. If you apply them to your life, you can decide whether a French bulldog will be the right choice for you or not, so let’s begin deep down.

What Does a Dog Mean to Be Hypoallergenic?

Researchers in the cosmetic industry first researched hypoallergenic products, which means your daily products may cause fewer allergic reactions. In the 1990s, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) created labeling, and every product needs to require tests so it’s safer to use and can cause a minimum of allergic reactions in people.

But for dogs, Allergies can be an outcome of proteins found in their urine, skin cells, and saliva. They can form small particles and go into their fur when your little friend loses their hair, especially in the summer. It’s not their hair that causes allergic reactions. It’s stuff called dander, which comes from their saliva and other things that I mentioned earlier.

Moreover, hypoallergenic dogs are great for improving your immune system for people who don’t have allergies to dogs, but they can be the opposite for those who have dog allergies and can make you feel sick.

How Are Hypoallergenic French Bulldogs?

Frenchies are short-haired, but they shed heavily at least 2-3 times a year, mostly in the summer and spring seasons. Hypoallergenicity can vary from dog to dog. Some shed more than others, even if they are from the same breed, because of their lifestyle.

The hair of your little Frenchie is short, and it gets easier for dander to get in the hair and cause an allergic reaction.

As I mentioned earlier in the above headline section, their saliva, skin cells, and urine can cause allergies even faster than they lose hair.

Are French Bulldogs Harmful For Allergies?

All dog breeds, even French bulldogs, can harm people with allergies.

However, allergy sensitivity can vary from person to person. Some manage to tolerate them, and some cannot. It’s up to you how you would take control of your situation and how much of that dog is healthy and clean. It won’t kill you, but it can make you uncomfortable and even painful. Let’s talk about how you would know you are allergic to the French bulldog.

Are French Bulldogs Hypoallergenic

Signs You Are Allergic To A French Bulldog

Allergic reactions from a dog or any pet you own or consider owning can make you allergic, and you may feel uncomfortable and in pain. It is called allergic Rhinitis, and it has affected more than 600 million people worldwide.

Allergic Rhinitis comes into your body when your immune system reacts to the allergens in the air.

If you feel any allergies, which I am going to tell you about, then you must consider going to a doctor and having an allergy test.


Runny Nose




Skin Rashes And Hives

Nasal Congestion

Itchy, red, and Watery Eyes

Difficulty In Breathing

Starting To Wheeze

Not Able To sleep.

How long do symptoms take to appear after being around dogs?

The time it takes for some symptoms to appear depends on the person.

Some may experience symptoms within a few minutes, while for others, it takes a few days before they notice some symptoms, but for most people, it usually takes 15–30 minutes of being around the dog.

What Tests Will Be Done To Diagnose Dogs Allergies?

To diagnose dogs’ allergies, doctors may perform a few tests on you, like:

Skin prick test

Blood test

Elimination diet

Lung function tests

Patch test

Chest X-Ray


Saliva Test

Nasal Smear

For allergy sufferers, French Bulldogs are not a good choice.

Yes, French bulldogs are not a good option for allergy sufferers. I recommend you own another dog breed that is less allergic. French bulldogs shed a lot, which can make you sick.

Are French Bulldogs Hypoallergenic
Image by Christel SAGNIEZ from Pixabay

I’m Allergic, But I Want A Frenchie!

If you still want to get a Frenchie into your life even if you have allergies, it’s important to note that allergies can affect an individual from person to person, so before buying one, make sure of a few things.

Frenchies are known for their small size and lovable behavior; however, before buying yourself a French bulldog, spend some time with other dogs to experience several allergies and issues that you might face and get full control of them before owning yourself a French bulldog.

Prioritizing your health first can make your wish come true for owning a French bulldog, and make sure you contact a healthcare provider and an allergist for guidance on managing your allergies around pets.

Amazing Ways To Minimize Your Allergic Response While Living With Your French Bulldog

Here are some ways to minimize your allergies with your little furry friend: You must follow these steps so that you are not affected by allergies.

Regular Grooming 

Regular Grooming can help your French bulldog get rid of irritants and skin flakes. This will reduce dog dander.

Consider Grooming outside of your house or in a place where your dog’s hair doesn’t spill over, especially in your bathroom, might cause their hair to get stuck and produce a smell and dander.

Quality Diet

A quality diet should be your priority. A diet containing vitamins can reduce your dog’s shedding.

Using an Air Purifier In Your Home

Using an air purifier is best for allergies. It can filter out dander and every type of bacteria that can harm you and your family.

 Dress Your Frenchie

Getting a T-shirt for your Frenchie will look good and protect you from getting allergic because your dog’s hair will not fall over your house, and you can wash them regularly or get a new pair of T-shirts or hoodies every few weeks.

 Wash Lilen And Bedding

Washing your child’s and your dog’s bedding at least twice a week can prevent allergies.


Vacuuming your floor, carpet, and everywhere your dog sits can suck up their fallen hair that contains dander.

Don’t Sleep With Your Frenchie.

Don’t sleep with your little Frenchie; instead, making separate beds for your dog will be a great idea so that you don’t run the risk of being allergic.

Clean Your Frenchie Bed

Cleaning your dog’s bed once a week is good to prevent allergies from expanding.

Washing Carpets And Rugs

A vacuum is not enough. Washing carpets and rugs once every two weeks can remove dander and smell.

 Bathing Regularly

Bathing your dog with high-quality shampoo is a great way to prevent allergies. Even if you own another dog breed considered hypoallergenic, bathing will be good for your pet every week.


Medication can prevent you from getting allergic to your pet. Ask your doctor and take medication in case you get badly allergic.

Let them jump.

French bulldogs are very energetic, so giving them a good amount of exercise daily can lower their energy so that they come home and don’t jump on your furniture.

Are There Any mixed-breed hypoallergic French Bulldogs?

As I already mentioned, no dog is 100% hypoallergenic, But a mixed breed of French bulldog and poodle can be a perfect companion for people with dog allergies. They are called foodies, and the second one is a French bull tzu, a mix of a French bulldog and a shih tzu. This breed was mixed based on producing hypoallergenic dogs.

Bringing these dogs home doesn’t mean they are hypoallergenic. Before owning them, make sure you can cope with them.

Why do you need a hypoallergenic dog breed?

Who doesn’t love dogs and imagine owning one in their life, but having allergies can ruin your dreams? So here’s a term that comes from hypoallergenic dogs: These breeds produce fewer allergies than others. If you really want dogs as family members, consider having a less hypoallergenic species.

Tell me the best dog for allergy sufferers.

Remember, no dog is 100% hypoallergenic, but here is the list recommended by the AKC and a few that I researched for people who have allergies. These dogs would be great for you and your family members, and make sure to do your own research before buying one of them:



Bedlington Terrier


Bichon Frise

Chinese Crested


Giant Schnauzer

Irish Water Spaniel

Kerry Blue Terrier

Lagotto Romagnolo


Miniature Schnauzer

Hairless Peruvian Inca Orchid

Poodle (Miniature) (Standard) (Toy)

Portuguese Water Dog

Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier

Spanish Water Dog

Standard Schnauzer


Afghan Hound

American Hairless Terrier

Coton de Tuleur

Fox Terrier

Are French Bulldogs Hypoallergenic

How much do French Bulldogs Shed?

The French bulldog sheds all year, but mostly when the season starts to get hot. As a bulldog owner, I experienced my dog shedding less, but when the season gets warm, they shed, and I have to groom him on a daily basis. Well, it’s up to your dog’s health and fitness. So taking care of them in a proper way is good.


Are French Bulldogs Hypoallergenic? As said, no, but bringing a French bulldog as your pet can be hard for you if you suffer from dog allergies. But taking care of a few things that I told you about could help you manage to live happily with your Frenchies. I hope you like this article of mine. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family who would love to own French bulldogs but can’t because of their allergies.


Is there anything like a Completely Hypoallergenic Dog Breed?

There is no 100% Hypoallergenic Dog Breed, but there are Hypoallergenic breeds that are considered for people with dog allergies.

Are Fluffy Frenchies hypoallergenic?

No. Fluffy Frenchies are not Hypoallergenic. They look cute but can produce a lot of dander because of their long hair.

What is the cheapest hypoallergenic dog breed?

Bichon Frises and Fox Terriers are the cheapest of all the hypoallergenic dog breeds.

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