How To Potty Train A French Bulldog: 10 Easy Techniques
How to potty train a French bulldog

How To Potty Train A French Bulldog: 10 Easy Techniques

When you bring a new puppy into your life, you and your family will be so excited, but potty training can be challenging. The experience is similar to caring and loving a newborn child.

Let me tell you a short story and answer some of the questions people ask about how to potty train a French bulldog.

When I brought Love into my life, it was hard, but patience and love for him kept me going, and at last, it was worth it.

Every 6-7 hours since his last meal or whenever I noticed my Frenchie beginning to pee, I used to take him outside or to his mat and always make sure to use a command and treat him when he does a good job.

So, in this guide, I will tell you how to potty train a French bulldog, how long they can hold, how hard it is, and many queries step by step, so stay tuned so that you don’t miss anything important.

When Should French Bulldog Potty Training Begin?

As soon as you bring your French bulldog on the first day, it’s a good idea to start potty training them. 

Whether you purchase a puppy from a breeder or adopt one from someone else, it’s critical to support their development of positive habits. 

Adapting to a new environment and developing better habits may take some time for your puppy, but patience is the key to success.

Ensure your puppy is healthy and doesn’t have parasites, urinary tract infections or hard minerals stones. These things can interfere with potty training, so make sure to visit your vet.

Are French Bulldog Puppies Easy To Potty Train?

Well, it can be and can’t. It depends on you how well you teach.

It wasn’t simple for me, but time, love, and patience helped. Finally, the one I kept for my French bulldog brought results.

Many dog owners—not only those of French bulldogs—believe they can teach their Frenchies quickly, but learning takes time.

One of the smartest breeds of dogs are frenchies. Some people may be quick learners, while others may be stubborn. 

There is no shortcut to teaching your pet to go pee; by rewarding excellent behavior with praise and treats, they will learn that when they behave well, they will receive a reward. There are also numerous more methods, which we will cover in this article, that you can use to train your French bulldog thoroughly. 

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French Bulldog Potty Toilet Training Techniques 

Potty training your French bulldog is important. If you do, raising them can be easy.

They are like babies. Your efforts and love for your dog might also help strengthen your relationship. 

It doesn’t matter if you have no experience training pets in this situation I will help you learn and you may teach your French bulldog quickly. 

There are many methods I’ve described below that will be easy for you to implement. 

10 Steps And Potty-Training Schedule

How To Potty Train A French Bulldog

Setting up a schedule for them, rewarding them for good behavior, and choosing an appropriate location—whether indoors or outdoors—for toilet training are all important.

Frenchie is a sweet breed, and they try to understand what you are trying to say. The mistakes they make are the result of accidents or misunderstandings, so don’t punish them teach them gently.

The ideal way to start teaching your puppy anything is to first make sure to schedule their training in a pattern that can allow you and your French bulldog to fit in comfortably. 

1. Start Pottey Traning Of Your French Bulldog Early And Be Consistent    

By starting toilet training as soon as possible, you can help your pet form positive behaviors at an early age. 

You can begin teaching your dog when they are young because it is simpler for them to develop their habits quickly. 

The key to teaching your puppy proper potty habits is consistency. 

Maintain a schedule and take your puppy to the allocated French bulldog pee area after outside activities, food, and sleep. 

Continuously doing this can develop a habit in your puppy’s mind, and after time they will go on their own.

This will allow you to establish a healthy routine, live a healthy life with your puppy, and raise a well-behaved, clean French bulldog. 

2. Look For Signs In Your Frenchie Behavior If They Need To Go Toilet   

Always keep an eye out for signs, especially after a meal. 

Keep a tight eye on your French bulldog and attempt to notice any changes in behavior before they urinate or poo. 

Here are some indicators to check for in your French bulldog.

  1. Sniffing and running around you. 
  2. Whining.
  3. Barking at you 
  4. French bulldog becomes alert and stops what they are doing when they want to poop.
  5. Running around in a circle.
  6. Stares at you. 
  7. Lifting their leg.
  8. Poop habits after meals.
  9. Scratching everything.

3. Potty Traning Pads Or Take Them Outside                          

Whenever your French bulldog shows any poo or pee symptoms, you must take them outside if it’s not an emergency otherwise take them to an indoor location where you want them to urinate and poop.

4. Potty Bells  

Potty bells can be helpful; simply hang the bell on the door so that your French bulldog can easily reach it whenever he or she goes outside to poop. Teach your pet to ring the bell first before going outside so that your French bulldog will understand that this is how we go outside to pee or poop.

5. Reward Your French Bulldog                                    

Your French bulldog can benefit from rewards when learning to use the restroom. So, anytime your Frenchie urinate or poo in the right place, you can treat them.

Reduce the number of goodies you provide over time because your dog may have developed an addiction to them. They know that whenever I do this, I receive treat so don’t get manipulated.

6. Use A Specific Word While Potty Training

This is the most effective technique for using a particular word while potty training your French bulldog. You can say, “Go potty” or “Go toilet.”

Your puppy can understand a term if you use it often enough; he/she will eventually learn what it means. 

Use the specific word whenever you take your dog to the bathroom, especially when they are about to poop or pee.

7. Always Be Patient & Positive While Potty Traning Your French Bulldog

I can understand how bothersome it is because I’ve experienced it myself.

It’s important to maintain patience and a positive attitude. 

Dogs can sense your feelings and your attitude towards them; they are very sensitive creatures who would never harm you.

If they create a mess while you are toilet training them and you feel upset or disappointed, simply remember that patience and a positive attitude can change anything. 

If you are married, it will be simple for you; treat them like your child. If not, treat them like your future child. It’s a method that i use for maintaining a positive approach towards my Frenchie.

8. Feeding Routine Is Important

Feeding your French bulldog in a routine can help you in daily life to predict when your Frenchie goes to the potty. 

9. Nights Accidents

When you bring your new puppy into your house and your day goes well, it can be a problem at night.

During the first few weeks after buying your puppy, be sure to get up at least twice at night to give bathroom breaks to your dog.

By setting an alarm, you can wake up in the middle of the night and check on your puppy to see if they need anything.

Ensure you sleep in the same room for a few months after buying them.

If they sleep well, check if they are sleeping calmly a few hours later then. 

Make sure you keep track of how frequently your Frenchie uses the restroom at night: This will help you plan a more relaxing night. 

 Don’t make it a habit to poop or pee inside; take them outside; it will be good. 

10. Clean Indoor Accidents 

When your dog messes up indoors, clean it up right away and spray some pieces. Everyone makes mistakes. 

The dog usually smells and then poops or pee. It’s a natural thing.

Don’t punish your dog if they make a mistake clean and throw out the poop outside the house and ensure they watch it. It will help your dog to learn that it’s not the right place to poop.

Items You Need Potty Training

How To Potty Train A French Bulldog

There are certain things you will need to potty train your French bulldog that will make your work easier.      

1. Training Pads Or Newspapers

If you are unable to take your puppy outside, pads and newspapers can be helpful. 

Your puppy will benefit from using the same potty location.

It’s good if you live in an apartment and it takes time to go outside. In this case, you have to keep this thing in your home a much longer.

2. Dog Leash


A dog leash is good when you are outdoors you can take your dog to a proper toilet place for poop or pee.

3. Dog Treats


In order to make sure your puppy goes to the potty spot when needed, you should reward them with treats.

Additionally, toys can help reinforce their belief of having done a good job when they accomplish a task.

4. Puppy Crate

If you have trouble taking your frenchie outside at night, I recommend you bring a large crate for your puppy, but then also i suggest you take him or her outside after he has eaten. Otherwise, you will have a lot of cleaning to do in the morning.

In your frenchie crate, make sure there is enough space to place training pads on one side and to sleep on the other.

5. Cleaning Items

To remove pet stains and unpleasant odors from the house when your French bulldog poop or pees indoors, use an enzymatic cleaner.

Further Tips On Potty Training including The Psychology!

Learning about your dog and communicating with them will help you teach potty training to your Frenchie.

It is okay for your dog to poop outside when you are outside with him, but don’t let him/her poop inside after you get home; it’s a bad habit.

If you are working while caring for your Frenchie, make careful to leave him in a large, secure space. In my case, I have a spot for my french bulldog to poop on the balcony by placing him there. 

1. Accidents Happen

When potty training your French bulldog; mistakes can happen, so be patient.

Simply clean up your dog’s mess and throw them outside.

As I said earlier, dont punish your dog; this can cause behavioural changes; just make sure you clean it, put some fragments, and let them see this will help them understand it’s not the right place to poop.

Dogs first smell the place and then poop or pee in that area.

Make sure you try harder on your Frenchie’s potty training if your Frenchie does accidents so much.

2. Submissive Peeing

When meeting people or other dogs, dogs pee naturally is called submissive peeing.

It was the first time my Frenchie peed in front of people like no one was there, and I felt so embarrassed but after that, I told that incident to my vet they said it was natural, so ignore it. You don’t have to punish or train them. There are many reasons for it may be your dog feels anxious and fearful can lead to submissive peeing.

So, there is nothing to do with it. Most French bulldogs’ behaviour grows as they age.

3. Potty Training When You Live In An Apartment

The potty training methods I’ve described in this article still apply if you live in an apartment; however, you just have to add more pads and newspapers because it will be hard for you to go outdoors in time.

4. Stop Pee Pads And Take Them Outdoors

Make sure most of the time you take your Frenchie outdoors.

After your Frenchie learns to poop or pee in the right spot indoors, make sure you do it as well as outdoors because every time pooping indoors can mess up, so better to take them out and take help or treats if they do a good job praise them.

What Should You Not Do While Potty Traning Your Frenchie

During potty training your French bulldog, it’s important to avoid some behaviour & actions of yours that can hinder the potty training process.

1. Dont punish your dog if they make mistakes I know it becomes frustrating sometimes, but things like yelling, scolding or physical punishment create fear or health problems in your Frenchie and can lead to depression.

2. Dont rub their nose in their mess in terms of punishment.

3. Dont use a cleaner that comes with the scent of ammonia because urine also contains a high amount of ammonia, and whenever your dogs smell, it indicates they use that area for poop or pee.

4. Feeding Anytime can be difficult to predict when your dog needs to go potty, so make a routine and follow it.

How Long To Potty Train Your French Bulldog?

How To Potty Train A French Bulldog

Well, it depends on you how well you train your Frenchie.

In my personal experience, it takes me approach 7-8 months to teach my Frenchie to potty train him indoors and outdoors.

But following the tips I mentioned above can help you achieve this goal quickly if you follow the tips correctly and do it Continuously. 

How Can I Stop My Frenchie From Peeing In The House? 

It requires your positive attitude and consistent potty training of your French bulldog. 

It can be difficult for you if your dog pee accidentally indoors, but following the guide I have told you can be helpful. So make sure you follow them and be patient and have a positive attitude towards your Frenchie.

If your Frenchie starts to pee inside the house, you can spray water on them to stop them, and you can take them outside while being careful not to harm them. By doing this, you can teach your dog not to pee inside the house.


Making your French bulldog well-mannered matters a lot. Proper potty training with the right approach can fully train your French bulldog, and you will also enjoy your dog’s training process. 

Your Frenchie can make mistakes, so don’t punish or force them be patient and consistent and stick to a routine; following these steps, which I have mentioned in this article, you can train your dog to potty training step by step in a short time.

So what are you waiting for? Train your dog, and if I forget to mention or include any technique that you like, you can comment below. 


How Long Can A French Bulldog Hold Its Pee?

Well, it depends on your French bulldog’s age, overall health and size.

Fully grown frenchie can hold their pee for about 7-9 hours, and puppies can hold for about 3-4 hours. Moreover, senior dogs can hold up to 4-5 hours because when the dog age, their bladder control may decrease.

How Can I Potty Train An Adult French Bulldog?

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t started your Frenchie’s toilet training or if you got it when they were adults. Simply use the methods which I have told in this article like taking them outside in the morning, after dinner, and before bed.

At What Age Are Frenchies Fully Potty Trained? 

Many French bulldog owners believe they can quickly train their pets to go poop. It’s wrong, but consistently potty training and maintaining a good attitude on your French bulldog can cut down on your time.

You can expect about six months or close to it that your French bulldog is fully potty trained. 

Why are French Bulldogs so difficult to potty train?

If you approach it with care and empathy, it’s simple, your Frenchie may take time to understand what your trying to say to them and may take time to figure out the right spot to potty, but if you regularly potty train them, they may develop the habit of doing so.

Why Is My Frenchie Peeing Everywhere?

Your Frenchie may be peeing everywhere for a variety of reasons, such as separation anxiety, poor potty training, stress, and health issues; some dogs may even pee to attract their owner’s attention.

Therefore, taking good care of your dog and taking it to the vet once a week could reduce the chance that your Frenchie will urinate all over the place.

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