bull200 Common Dog Behavior Problem
Dogs are called “Man’s best friend”. They are said to be very well behaved animals when trained properly. They are also the most common among domestic pets. Dogs also have their share of behavior problems. This articles talks about some common behavioral problem of the dogs and solutions for it.

Barking: Though it is the character of the dogs to bark and whine, excessive barking is considered to be a behavioral issue. The common reason for excessive barking can be to warn the humans of any danger. They may also bark in response to another dog which is barking. They also bark when they are excited or anxious. There is said to be no solution for the barking to stop.

Chewing: Though it is a common behavior, chewing can also be destructive. The most common reasons for the dogs to chew can be while teething, when they are bored or anxious, or out of curiosity. There are many chewable dog toys now available in the market. It is better to encourage the dogs to chew them rather than anything they find.

Digging: Another common feature among dogs is digging. Some dogs dig because of their hunting histories. The common reason why dogs dig are to hide their possessions like toys, bones etc. Dogs also tend to dig up the place when they have no exercise. It is better to make sure that the dogs have enough exercise so that they do not dig up the well maintained garden or yard place.

french bulldog behavior Common Dog Behavior ProblemBegging: This is one habit that unfortunately owners encourage the dogs to do. When the dogs are overfed it leads to obesity and digestive problems. Dogs beg from the table and their owners also give in to it saying just this one time. But in the long run this creates enough problems for both the dog and its owner. Dogs should be kept away from the dining area and a special treat should be given only if they behave well. This should also be done only after all the members of the family finish eating. Never should the dogs be encouraged near the family during their meal time. Always make sure to give the food only in the specified dog bowl.

Chasing: It is the predatory instincts of an animal to chase anything that is moving with dog being no exception. Dogs chase people, other dogs, vehicles etc. This can be very dangerous as there are chances of the dog getting hurt while trying to chase the moving vehicles or any other animals. The way to prevent this is to keep the dogs under leash and train them to come to you when you call them.

Biting: Dogs adapt to biting because of its instincts and pack mentality. The puppies bite and nip the other dogs for exploring the environment and to be with the pack. The other reasons why the dogs resort to biting may be for the defensiveness, protection of its grounds, when they are in pain or due to predatory instincts. The bite of some dogs is dangerous and can also lead to the death of the person. The biting tendency of the dogs can be controlled by training them properly and giving them ample exercise.

Most of the dog behavioral issues are due to the change in the surroundings and lack of exercise. If this is taken care of then the behavioral issues will be solved.